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Re-ROUT Transitional Services

Re-ROUT (Recently Released Offenders Under Training) consists of a collection of integrated education and counseling services designed to facilitate the successful re-entry of ex-offenders into society. Re-ROUT strives to reduce the recidivism rate of criminal offenders who have completed a period of incarceration and/or probation in Suffolk County. Realizing that the first few weeks post-release can be crucial to a successful transition process, participants are encouraged to make contact with the Re-ROUT office located on the BOCES Ward Technical Center campus in Riverhead as soon as possible after release. There, the ex-offender is introduced to the Re-ROUT services. In the weeks that follow, the Re-ROUT office offers the needed services, referrals and support to aid the client's reintegration.  

New York Probation Officers and Correction Officers inform probationers and prisoners about the Re-ROUT Program during the initial orientation sessions. As part of the In-Jail Education Program, the Re-ROUT counselors work with the Probation Department and immediately help interested clients develop career/life/education plans. Upon release from the correctional facility and/or probation obligations, the ex-offender is invited to report to the Re-ROUT office at the Bixhorn Technical Center (BTC) in Bellport. There, the ex-offender is introduced to the Re-ROUT "outside" counseling staff. In the weeks that follow, this staff provides the needed services, referrals and support to aid their client's reintegration into society.