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Continuing Education Programs

Bookkeeping Basics

Every business needs a bookkeeper. Learn to track money and profit for small or large companies. You will learn the principles of the accounting cycle, banking, payroll, receivables and payables through the use of ledgers, financial statements and journals. This course is strongly recommended prior to taking QuickBooks™.  8 classes

24FA: 10/02 – 10/30 M/W 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM  Register
24WA: 01/22 – 02/28 M/W 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM  Register
Location: MTC Tuition: $546


This course is for companies that will be using a cloud-based system (software is not installed on your computer). 10 classes

Bookkeeping Basics (BUS1010) and basic computer skills are necessary for success in this course.

QuickBooks™ helps small and medium-sized businesses keep track of the money coming in and out of their business all in one easy-to-use program. You will learn banking, payroll, receivables, payables, invoicing, file management tasks, file conversions as well as integrating financial statements and producing financial reports.

24FA: 11/14 – 12/21 T/Th 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM  Register
Location: WTC Tuition: $569
24SB: 04/02 – 05/14 T/Th 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM  Register
Location: BTC Tuition: $569

How to Start-Up and Operate a Small Business

Do you want to become your own boss? If you are planning to open your own business, this course 
will provide you with the foundation to become a successful entrepreneur. Topics will include: how to start-up your business and stay in business, planning ahead, cash management, do’s and don’ts of selling goods and/or services, getting help when needed, and how to determine proper pricing. Before considering starting a business, be prepared by learning all that is involved in such a venture.   
12 classes

24FA: 10/11 – 11/20 M/W 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM  Register
24WA: 02/26 – 04/08 M/W 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM  Register
Location: MTC Tuition: $572

Notary Public Workshop

You can add more value to your current position. Many offices need a full-time notary to authenticate the various documents that pass through the office. This workshop provides instruction to prepare you for the New York State test. Laws, procedures and concepts relating to the notary public office will be covered. Situations relating to the role of the notary public will be highlighted.  1 class

24FA: 10/17 T 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM  Register
24WA: 02/06 T 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM  Register
24SA: 04/16 T 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM  Register
Location: MTC Tuition: $121